Harrogate Yoga with Amanda Latchmore

Amanda teaches private, therapeutic one-to-one sessions and somatic themed courses. Videos and audio classes are also available to help students develop their practice and realise the benefits of yoga in their own time.

Harrogate Yoga classes are somatic themed online / in person.
Amanda runs workshops both online and at venues throughout the UK.
Amanda is on the Board and Faculty of renowned and respected Yogacampus Teacher Training – York.
The Chill Out Yoga series of downloadable classes have been created by Amanda to help you with self practice.


  • “I've been having one-to-one yoga sessions with Amanda for a few years now. Whilst maintaining an extremely busy lifestyle - those few hours with Amanda are my sanctuary. If anyone ever expresses an interest in taking up yoga, I would unequivocally and unreservedly, recommend Amanda to you all! Amanda’s experience, skill and wealth of knowledge is immeasurable: she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to practising yoga and encapsulating the physical and mental aspects. After a session with Amanda I feel galvanised to take on the rigours of my professional life. If there was ever a Patron Saint of Yoga & Wellbeing, Amanda should unquestionably be it!”
    Julian Still
  • Amanda's classes are a form of alchemy for the body, the mind and the spirit.  When your world is swirling....step into Amanda's studio....find peace ..... breath.....gentleness....humour.....kindness and in the warmth of the room and the class you will relax, revive, stretch and grow.  I am so grateful for the day I first walked into Amanda's studio.  Her unique style of non judgemental teaching has been a transforming experience, and as a result I am in a far better place now.  Thank you Amanda.
    Kay Manby
  • Amanda is an inspiration. An experienced practitioner herself, her fluidity of movement is beautiful to observe. Labelling her as a Yoga teacher is too narrow. She has a breadth of skill, talent and knowledge that means every class provides you with a new learning or a different way of looking at things. She is non judgemental in her style and is highly perceptive to the mood and needs of her class members.  Her ability to adapt her teaching accordingly means that you always get what you need from a class.
    Mike Butterworth and Lindsey Jackson
  • It's one of the times when I can be 'me'
    Hilary Hopkinson
  • Just to let you know that I really enjoyed my first encounter with Yoga! Will be signing up to both classes for an intensive season next time, to really get into it.
    Tim Chester-Williams
  • I find your restrained approach motivating and your commitment to class is palpable.  I hope I can keep on coming for a long time.
    Andrew Davies
  • Amanda's yoga classes are magical. She teaches and leads them with a feeling and energy that leaves you feeling healed at the end. As a result of her gentle encouraging - she would non-judgementally ask the class ' has anyone had time to practice this asana?'....this person who started out only practising once a week, now dedicates time each day to her practice! Thankyou Amanda.
    Lauren Gavaghan
  • Just wanted to say how good it is to be back with your classes….Your careful instruction and gentle tones are just the ticket.
    Tim Tribe