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Yoga therapy at Harrogate Yoga

Yoga therapy at Harrogate Yoga

One-to-one, private sessions ensure that the individual needs of the client/student are met. A wide range of health problems can be addressed via therapeutic sessions, these will always involve attending to the whole person. In order to move towards better health, the body/mind of a client may need care and attention on many levels. Whereas a typical session with Amanda will address the physical problems that the client presents with, their emotional, mental and spiritual needs will also be carefully considered.

As a registered somatic movement educator and therapist, Amanda has worked therapeutically with individual clients for many years. Health issues of clients have included – cancer, stroke, myalgic encephalitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, arthritis, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions.

Training for this type of work began on a year long course with Jabadao in 1996/1997. Influences that informed the Jabadao course, included Process Oriented Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff’s Fundamentals, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation.

Between 2003 and 2007 Amanda worked to gain her IBMT diploma – Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. The IBMT diploma includes the study of infant developmental movement patterns and an experiential approach to body systems. Cognitive and experiential learning, combined with in depth practice, gradually lead to embodiment. Ideally, the developmental movement patterns and reflexes will be integrated and embodied in infancy, but often the process is not completed. As adults this can affect how easily we’re able to learn, move and operate in the world. As an IBMTI graduate, Amanda is skilled in the art of re-patterning clients’ movement. Possible benefits of this are myriad. Here are a very few examples: in movement/function – the ability to balance better, swim better, run better, move with more ease; in relationship with self, others and with the world – the ability to feel more whole and connected to one’s feelings, the ability to stand one’s ground and be more effective in confrontational situations, the ability to ‘give and take’ in relationship. This work is underpinned by Somatic Psychology and Authentic Movement that Amanda also studied on the IBMT training. Authentic Movement involves non-judgmental, compassionate witnessing – the ability to do this is a vital part of the therapeutic process when working with clients or students.

To ensure that work with clients is effective, practitioners need the ability to create safe boundaries and to have awareness of the possibility of projections. The wisdom that arises from self-inquiry contributes to this ability. During the 1990’s, Amanda underwent seven years of personal psychotherapy in the Hakomi method, leading to an on-going practice of self-inquiry.

Yoga is the central core of Amanda’s teaching and work with clients, the modalities described above are seamlessly incorporated into this. When working with clients, Amanda has a precept learned from Kedzie Penfield of – ‘whatever it takes’ – meaning the paramount importance of addressing the client’s needs rather than adhering to any specific modality.

As a result of her extensive studies and experience, Amanda is a highly skilled practitioner in helping clients with issues concerning their health – both physical and mental, their emotions, relationships, work – all that encompasses life.

Read in Published Articles how Amanda has worked with clients – ‘The Significance of the Student – Teacher Relationship’, ‘How Yoga and Principles of Body-Mind Centering® can help people with M.E.’ (All client names were changed)

Yoga is good for what ails you; that is a given. In my case, after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I gave up my yoga practice along with most everything else. I was essentially housebound when a friend told me about Amanda, and I decided to give her a try … probably one of my best decisions ever!   Amanda starts each session by inquiring about my psychological and physical wellbeing. From there, she tailors our class to address my specific needs. Her practice is totally client centered.  I have been to other yoga classes facilitated by a variety of other instructors. I can honestly say that they all pale in comparison to Amanda. She has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count.
Dr Vivien Jeffs
To say the least, to suffer a severe stroke at the age of 54 was a bad stroke of luck. From being an active, fairly flexible, gym-going able person, I was suddenly reduced to a feeble, semi-paralyzed member of the disabled community.  But not for long! Soon after my release from hospital I reluctantly began private yoga sessions with Amanda, ‘reluctantly’ as I was embarrassed at my enfeebled state having known Amanda for many years.  I shouldn’t have worried. After an initial assessment, Amanda devised a special programme to help improve movement and flexibility to the injured limbs as well as for the whole body, a programme I would be able to follow at home (and still do). Apart from the physical aspects of yoga, Amanda taught me how to breathe, breathe properly I mean, and would not start physical exercises until satisfied with the quality of my breathing.  Goodness  -  54 and I’m being taught how to breathe ! I cannot recommend Amanda strongly enough  -  experienced, encouraging, kind, both sympathetic and empathetic,  gently invigorating.
Charles Spencer
As a teacher myself of many years’ experience, I am only too aware of the importance the teacher’s attitude and approach has to the confidence and well-being of the student. Amanda’s deceptively gentle, relaxed approach masks her well-planned, experienced & knowledgeable skills. I opted for individual tuition as a total beginner with no confidence in my physical ability or commitment. I suffer from considerable muscular pain, especially back pain and had been advised that Yoga would be a good means of helping combat this. I began the sessions extremely nervously as in 1-1 sessions there is nowhere to hide! However, I also felt I would benefit more from being guided individually. My daughter had found Amanda for me and made me a gift of the initial 2 sessions. I have to say, this is one of the finest presents I have ever received! Amanda’s teaching is indeed inspirational and from being someone who approached the whole Yoga concept with some trepidation, I am now something of a convert, practising daily at home in between the sessions with Amanda and incorporating Yoga into my normal daily life. I have gained flexibility of movement, skills in pain-management and methods of relaxation for both mental and physical stress. I admire the way in which Amanda intuitively picks up on my needs in the sessions, incorporating movements & exercises to help the particular problem. In addition, she has introduced me to the Yoga approach to life which is a positive life skill. She is interesting, skilled, encouraging and good fun so that the sessions, whilst being demanding and rigorous, are actually enjoyable. I cannot recommend her too highly.  
Gill Rowley



1 Person £60

2 People £65


1 Person £70

2 People £75


48 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the full amount is due. Where sessions are regular and on a weekly basis, half the session fee will be due for all cancellations made up to 48 hours beforehand, thereafter the full amount will be due. Amanda will always aim to give plenty of notice for dates when she is unable to give sessions but there may be occasions when she has to cancel at short notice.  Please arrive up to 5 minutes prior to class but no earlier.